Company Overview

Created by renowned MSHA compliance attorney Mark Savit, based on over 30 years of dealing with compliance issues in the mining industry, Predictive Compliance represents a completely new approach to MSHA compliance management.

Predictive Compliance provides services that allow mine owners and operators to proactively evaluate and manage potential compliance issues before they are assessed by MSHA. With our proprietary analytics and penalty calculation engine, Predictive Compliance provides mining owners and operators with insight into the financial impact of receiving additional citations as well as disputing current citations.

Our software is designed to be as user friendly as possible. All you need to do is upload citations as you get them and our proprietary software calculates the predicted penalty, shows you the impact that this citation (and future citations) would have on compliance costs, allows you to plan how best to contest the citation, and provides a platform for citation management. It also will allow you to predict the impact of your future citations on costs, resources and operations. Predictive Compliance will allow you to dramatically reduce your costs of compliance and allocate your resources for safer, more efficient operations.

Predictive Compliance Services are web-based and are compatible with any type of computer with an internet browser and any type of scanner equipment. There is no need to purchase specialized equipment to use Predictive Compliance Services.

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