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Instant Penalty Calculation

  • Upload a new citation using your own scanner and we instantly calculate what the likely penalty will be.
  • We can also tell you how the new citation may affect your penalties for future citations (VPID and RPID) as well as the possibility that you could be facing additional evaluation for Pattern of Violations consideration.
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Dispute Impact Analysis/Conference Planning

  • Our proprietary analytical program will enable you to instantly determine the possible impact of contesting each of the criteria on the citation -- including likelihood, severity, negligence and number of persons affected. It will immediately show you how much money a successful contest can save you (or what an upward modification will cost you!).
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Citation Management

  • Create your own reports. You can transfer all of your citation data to a single page along with notes, pictures and any other data you may need for the future. For instance, you can sort by cost center, by individual supervisor or by inspector. You can even use the data to quantify the impact of compliance costs on production. You can send the integrated data, in the format of your choice, to your corporate management, consultants and counsel without the need for them to create their own separate databases--saving time and money.
  • All of your citation data can be managed from one central location. Multiple mine operations will be able to compare mine-to-mine data as well as plan and coordinate all needed activities with counsel and consultants with little or need for additional report preparation.