Success Stories


I have found the Predictive Compliance software to be a very valuable tool in helping miners and mine management to make important decisions in the days leading up to a MSHA inspection. The citation management portion of the software has helped identify trouble area’s that exist at any of the different sites I work with. This information helps managers know before hand which regulations they need to avoid, and due to the analytics portion of the software, how badly they need to avoid them. The predictive cost analysis helps mine management make decisions about whether to authorize overtime of bring in additional support to avoid citations.

In using this software to organize a preemptive strike at one of the mine sites in our area, we were able to bring the total number of housekeeping citations from about 6 per inspection down to 1. The software helps bring your weaknesses to light so that your site can work towards turning those weaknesses into strengths.

Another feature that I have found most useful is the instant penalty calculation; I know instantly the cost of a citation or order, where if I had to wait for the MSHA website to return a number it may be weeks before that information is public. This information has come in handy when holding people accountable for there actions and has helped to put others to action in correcting conditions that could result in violations.

The software helps us manage our citations, and manage our business in an efficient manner to maintain compliance to the regulations set forth for us by the federal government.

The software helps put instant weight to an MSHA inspection were in the past, the information came to light so long after the inspection occurred that no one seemed to remember what happened.

I recommend the software to any group that is trying to get a better handle on their compliance issues, it will help you manage your business in a quick, organized, and effective way, and will eliminate guess work, and confusion. It will help you make real time decisions about choices that need to be made when you don’t have time to wait for information to come in.

-Mr. Jon Upsahw, Newmont Mining Company, SLP Data Analyst, September 21, 2009